Training Providers and Endorsement

EndorsementTraining Providers have a central role in building excellent leadership in social care, because excellent care starts with the right learning and development.

So for Training Providers, Careship is about identifying and promoting high quality training and learning, that embeds leadership behaviours at every level in the sector.

The Skills Academy recognises high quality in social care training through its unique Endorsement Framework.

This framework identifies and badges Training Providers who can show that they explain and encourage Careship behaviours and who can demonstrate the impact these behaviours have on how people care.

Types of Award

There are three types of award that you can apply for under the Skills Academy’s Endorsement Framework.

  • Recognition Award: Recognised providers demonstrate that they take a professional approach to learning and development in adult social care.
  • Excellence Award: Providers who are ‘Centres of Excellence’ demonstrate exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of learners in adult social care, to compliance with the social model of care and to understanding and measuring the impact of their provision on the lives of the people who use services.

Please note to apply for the Excellence Award you must already be a recognised provider.

  • Associate Award: This is the minimum requirement for any training provider wishing to work with the Skills Academy. It differs from the previous two awards as the associate will not be endorsed by the Skills Academy externally.

Find out more

To find out more about Endorsement at the National Skills Academy please read our useful list of FAQs which will tell you everything you need to know about the process.

You can also find further documents related to the process on this page including the application form and guidance you will need for your application.


To apply for endorsement or enquire further about the endorsement process please contact or alternatively by telephone on 0203 011 5280

More Information

Click on the links below to download the documents

Process Chart
Terms and Conditions
Dimensions Explained (Recognised Award)
Dimensions Explained (Excellence Award)
Dimensions Explained (Associate Award)

Application Form

Recognised Award (Individual)
Recognised Award (Organisation)
Excellence Award
Associate Award

Renewal Form

Recognised Award
Excellence Award

Benefits of Endorsement

A badge of quality: 

Endorsed Training Providers, who can be organisations and individuals, can use the unique Careship badge to demonstrate their excellence to the sector. 

CQC Essential Standards and Cavendish Report Recommendations:

The benefits of endorsement are both mentioned in the CQC essential standards outcome 14 and the Cavendish Report recommendations. CQC Outcome 14 states:

“Where learning and development is delivered by a trainer, that person has demonstrated that they are competent to do so and, where an accreditation scheme applies, are accredited to act as a trainer for the course being provided”.

The Cavendish report, recommendation 5, “recommends a rigorous system of quality assurance for training, which links funding to outcomes, so that money is not wasted on ineffective courses."

Increased interest: 

Skills Academy Careship courses are increasingly sought after by the social care workforce, as the badge becomes known for signposting top quality leadership development.

Boosted revenue: 

Endorsed Training Providers have preferential access to new business opportunities through our employer members and by delivering new Skills Academy programmes. And the more popular their own Careship development courses become, the greater the revenue they’ll generate.

Broader exposure: 

Endorsed Training Providers are promoted by the Skills Academy to employers across social care, and have their details published on our online database. This therefore provides a unique route to markets.

Click here to view the courses offered by recognised training providers. 

Access to new programmes: 

Only Endorsed Training Providers are eligible to deliver Skills Academy Careship development programmes.

Networking opportunities: 

Endorsement offers continuous opportunities to engage with other organisations in the sector, and identify new customers.

Access to insights: 

Endorsed Training Providers are given access to a wealth of online knowledge on leadership in social care, all linked to the Skills Academy

Continuous improvement cycle: 

Learning about Careship benefits both the individuals that participate in programmes offered by Endorsed Training Providers, and those that work in the provider’s own organisation. Endorsement is a CPD opportunity in its own right.

Transform social care: 

Most importantly, endorsement gives Training Providers the chance to help transform the culture of social care, and shows their commitment and contribution to improving the quality of adult social care. This should ultimately result in improved quality of life outcomes for people who use services.