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Leadership and Training

What is the relationship between the QCF level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management developed by Skills for Care and other management qualifications?

The QCF level 5 qualification is different and complementary. The QCF award is designed to replace the former Registered Managers Award (level 4) and is aimed specifically for managing and leading care services.

Much of the content is care specific. It differs from generic leadership and management diplomas in this respect and also because it has less detailed content on generic leadership areas such as financial management, staff management and IT. The course content would complement a generic management diploma.

What status does CQC afford the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and management developed by Skills for Care?

You might find it helpful to read the advice by Skills for Care on meeting the CQC Requirements. Click here. 

What this tells us is that the QCF Level 5 diploma is not a requirement of CQC for registered managers, but it provides inspectors with evidence of compliance with the CPD requirement in the regulations.

( Regulation7(2) (Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010) and outcome 25 of the Essential Standards about training for registered managers )

I am a care worker and I want to become a manager, what training should I do to help me achieve this?

You should consider undertaking a Certificate in Management Studies if you would like a qualification.

You could also speak to your Human Resources Department or training manager to see if any courses are available in your organisation or whether your employer will sponsor you on a course.

If you are unable to obtain employer support for training and need to study in your own time there are several training providers who offer distance or on-line learning options. The most well known is the Open University.

Can you help me find a training organisation or college that delivers the Level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management?

Yes, please visit our Training Providers Course Directory page to find a training organisation that suits your needs.

I am interested in a career in adult social care. Who can advise me about how I go about this?

There is advice and information on the Skills for Care Website. 

You can also speak to employers in your area such as your local council Adult Social Care Department

To get a feel for Social Care and to see whether it's for you try our interactive questionnaire. 

Read through how the values of Careship apply through all levels of Social Care. 

Become a member of the National Skills Academy for Social Care and enter the discussion with Leaders in Social Care.  

Apply for the Graduate Training Scheme. 

Find and Contact one of our Endorsed Training Providers near you and get started in Social Care today!

Employment and recruitment

Is the academy a recruitment agency?

No, we are not a recruitment agency though we do provide a platform for organisations to post jobs, and for job seekers to find suitable employment.

Are there any positions currently available at the National Skills Academy for Social Care?

For available positions at the National Skills Academy for Social Care please check the NSA jobs Board.

Can I post a Job on the NSA website?

Yes! If you're a member you can post a job from the NSA Membership Dashboard. Otherwise please contact Terri Myers directly. 


What is the relationship between the Leadership Qualities Framework and the Qualifications and Credit Framework?

The two complement one another. The QCF supports formal learning and qualifications and seeks to identify the learning required to perform effectively in social care roles. The LQF supports the development of leadership skills to complement the formal learning supported by the QCF


Can I purchase individual membership online?

Yes annual membership to the National Skills Academy for Social Care can be purchased here with most major cards or by invoice.

Can I purchase membership for my organisation online?

Yes annual membership to the National Skills Academy for Social Care can be purchased here with most major cards or by invoice.

Do you I have to pay immediately or can you invoice my company?

You can request an invoice as part of the purchasing process. 

Can I renew my membership online?

Yes, log into the My NSA area and the date you have to renew your membership as well as a link to payment can be found on the right. 

Do I have to purchase a membership if my organisation is already a member?

There are several cases where it is preferrable to be a NSA member unaligned to your employer. For more information please contact Membership Development Officer Terri Myers.

What are the benefits of membership?

Please visit our Membership Homepage for a full description for the full list of benefits available to our members.


How do I log into the My NSA Area?

Find out how to sign into the My NSA area here (Hint: it's the link in the top navigation area) 

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

There are two ways:

1. follow the link in the top navigation to 'Sign up for newsletter'

2. Register for a Free My NSA account and manage your subscriptions there. 

I no longer wish to receive the newsletter - how do I unsubscribe?

There are two ways:

1. Unsubscribe via the link on the newsletter

2. Manage your Subscription via the My NSA communications link.

Training Providers and Endorsement

Can I get my programme endorsed or accredited with the Skills Academy?

No. The Skills Academy endorses training providers, both organisations and individuals. We do not endorse or accredit individual programmes that are delivered by endorsed providers. The accreditation for course content will come from an awarding body. 

Can I still obtain endorsement even though we only train internal staff?

Yes, the endorsement is for training providers whether internal or external training is carried out.

If you have specific questions not listed here please visit our support page and get in contact with the relevant department.

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