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As a membership body, the Skills Academy brings together and represents the national voice of organisations and individuals who are committed to excellent care across the adult social care sector.

You can join as an organisation or as an individual to receive practical support and discounts on training programmes, events, networking and much more.

Find out what our collaborative approach to membership means for you.

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*Training providers, both individual and organisations, should note that their route to membership is via the Endorsement Framework


Membership of the Skills Academy gives you access to programmes and support designed to help you develop your leadership capacity and that of your staff, so that you can grow your organisation.

Benefits include:

  • access to our online assessment tools that enables members to track and develop individual and organisational leadership capacity against a national benchmark
  • use of our benchmarking tools for organisations to demonstrate meeting and exceeding CQC (i.e. regulatory) requirements
  • for Registered Managers – a membership organisation tailored especially to their needs
  • access to up-to-the-minute learning and thinking around leadership, all linked to our national Leadership Strategy for social care that we have developed for the sector on behalf of the Department of Health
  • access to bespoke leadership programmes developed for different levels of the workforce, including Front-Line Leaders, Operational Leaders, and people in senior management roles
  • access to our endorsed training providers, who provide demonstrably high quality social care training
  • badging as a Skills Academy member, to demonstrate your commitment to excellence in social care
  • 1:1 and online advice and guidance on leadership and development
  • regional and online networks and events with other organisations and individuals across social care who are committed to leadership and quality in the sector
  • discounts and priority bookings on Skills Academy workshops and conferences
  • CPD and CPD advice
  • monthly e-bulletins and jobs boards
  • being part of a social care community committed to excellence, and having a voice on social care issues.

Our promise

Over 60 organisations and individuals committed to excellence and innovation joined as Founder Members. Coming soon- a list of our Founder Members.

Membership for you

Members can access products and services that can help them. 

Membership is suitable if you are:

  • An employee
  • An individual commissioner
  • An individual trainer
  • An individual coach
  • An individual looking for work in the social care sector

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Membership for Organisations

Members can access products and services that can help their organisation. 

Membership is suitable if you are:
  • A social care employer
  • A commissioner
  • A trainer
  • An advocacy body
  • A user-led organisation
  • A lobbying group

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