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As a membership body, the Skills Academy brings together and represents the national voice of organisations and individuals who are committed to excellent care across the adult social care sector.

Registered Managers are able to join individually. For a list of member benefits for Registered Managers, please click here.

Or you can join your organisation to membership. Why join?

There are plenty of ways membership can help your organisation save money, save time and engage with the sector:

  •  Are you recruiting? Organisational Members are entitled to advertise their job vacancies on our website. 
  •  Save money with discounts on our Leadership  Development Programmes.
  •  Benchmark your organisation against the LQF with our Organisational Self  Assessment tool.
  •  Keep up-to-date with regular updates through our E-bulletin. We send this out monthly and Members are encouraged to contribute their news stories.
  •  Do you have a tricky HR issue that you are looking for advice with? Access our free  HR advice and information through our dedicated forum.
  •  Publicise your membership. You are entitled to use the Skills Academy member  logo on your website and on communications materials.
  •  Feature on the Member Spotlight and showcase the work that you are involved in.  
  • Share your successes and developments. Post your news items on our website for free.

Organisational membership fees are priced annually and are based on the turnover of your organisation:

  •  Annual budget/turnover below £0.5m: £95
  •  Annual budget/turnover £0.5m to £1m: £275
  •  Annual budget/turnover £1m to £5m: £350
  •  Annual budget/turnover above £5m: £450

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contact Us and we'll get you started on the leadership pathway to excellence in social care.