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Abbeyfield is a not-for-profit organisation and as such, believes it is important to offer quality facilities and services at a fair price.

Whilst the range of houses and homes may differ, they all offer services and facilities that enhance the quality of life for their residents – houses are only one element of the Abbeyfield experience and the social, emotional and physical support offered to residents adds value to the cost of living at Abbeyfield.

Abbeyfield’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for older people and to help them live independently by providing a range of services, all of which are linked to the local community.

Today Abbeyfield has over 700 houses across the UK, over 80 care homes and 2 nursing homes looking after more than 7,000 residents.

Abbeyfield has approximately 6,500 staff and over 10,000 volunteers who are involved in the running of Abbeyfield homes.

Abbeyfield is a charity who understand the experience of getting older and who provide facilities and services to help people live well in later life.

They recognise that the essence of ageing well is the ability to have meaningful relationships, to exercise personal control and choice, to live in a comfortable, clean and safe environment and to have purposeful daily lives.

This, coupled with belonging to and participating in local communities and wider society, is what constitutes a ’good life’.

The organisation aim to provide an environment and service which supports the values and preferences of older people and which creates a significant bridge between residents, their families and the local community.

The fundamental principles of Abbeyfield’s homes are well-being, support and care, lifestyle and relaxing places to live.

They offer a range of accommodation designed to support the differing stages of later life, but all of which encourage and facilitate independence, choice and dignity.

Abbeyfield House,
53 Victoria Street,
St Albans

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