Careship for Training providers

Careship is a unique framework designed to develop the leadership ability of everyone who works in social care. While other organisations tell people WHAT they need to do, Careship will give you guidance on HOW you should do it.

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Training providers have a central role in building excellent leadership in social care. Excellent care starts with the right learning and development. So for training providers, Careship is about identifying and promoting high quality training and learning, that embeds leadership behaviours at every level in the sector.

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The Skills Academy recognises high quality in social care training through its unique Endorsement Framework.

We identify and badge training providers who can show that they explain and encourage Careship behaviours, and who can demonstrate these behaviours have on how people care.

The Benefits of Careship

Endorsement gives training providers the chance to help transform the culture of social care. It shows their commitment and contribution to improving the quality of adult social care.

There are two levels of endorsement for which you can apply: Careship badges for ‘recognition’ and ‘excellence.’ 

We promote our endorsed training providers and only ‘recognised’ or ‘excellent providers’ can deliver our Careship development programmes, leading to boosted revenues for you.

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Here are Careship recommended programmes of benefit to training providers

Programmes for Training providers

Course Title Course Dates

Governance for Adult Social Care

Good governance has never been more important in adult social care. There is a clear expectation that Directors will have governance systems and processes in place to ensure the delivery of high quality care.

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Moving Up - BAME

This programme is for those who already have experience managing services who have the ambition and potential to progress to the most senior positions in social care.

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Front-line leaders

Our Front-Line Leaders programme is designed to improve the leadership and management capacity and capability of people managing the front-line of social care

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Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities programme

Another opportunity to join the highly acclaimed programme

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