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Careship offers a suite of tailor-made programmes for organisations and individuals across the sector, from care-workers to commissioners, employers, team leaders and training providers.

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And because Careship is grounded in behaviours, it’s for everyone at all levels in social care: from front-line staff and middle managers to those in more senior roles.

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Social care is the most important and rapidly growing sector in the country, so let’s work together to transform the quality of care experienced by every single service user.

Careship is for any organisation within the adult social care sector that is looking to improve their employees understanding and application of the key leadership behaviours.

The Benefits of Careship

The care sector is a unique place in which to work. Our focus is on people, not products, and every service user is an individual, with their own mind, moods and needs. Every day is different and personalisation requires a personal approach.

This means that while leadership is needed in the sector, you can’t simply copy and paste the behaviours that worked elsewhere. A new definition of leadership is needed, one that better captures the specific demands of the care sector: Careship.

Here are Careship recommended programmes of benefit to employers

Programmes for Employers

Course Title Course Dates

Governance for Adult Social Care

Good governance has never been more important in adult social care. There is a clear expectation that Directors will have governance systems and processes in place to ensure the delivery of high quality care.

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Moving Up - BAME

This programme is for those who already have experience managing services who have the ambition and potential to progress to the most senior positions in social care.

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Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities programme

Another opportunity to join the highly acclaimed programme

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