Careship for you

Careship offers a suite of tailor-made guidelines and programmes for organisations and individuals across the sector, from care-workers to commissioners, employers, team leaders and training providers.

The ambition of Careship is to educate the entire sector about the need for leadership behaviours, to give them the confidence and knowledge they need to practice them every single day.

Excellence and Careship

Created by the highly acclaimed Ashridge Management School, Careship is the result of a collaboration between a huge number of stakeholders that work in the care sector, who all believe in the Skills Academy’s stance on transforming the quality of care through leadership development.

While there are different frameworks that cater to the different stakeholder audiences, Careship programmes always follow the same five steps.

Careship benefits you

Firstly, whether you’re an individual or an employer, a service provider or a commissioner, we begin by analysing the current understanding and usage of the principles of Careship.

We then work with you to build a bespoke programme to develop the qualities that are either absent or insufficient, and help people recognise the principles that are already being practised.

Next, we ensure that those for whom the programme has been built are motivated to engage properly with it and transform the way in which they work.

We put in concrete measures to track how well people are performing, and to ensure that practicing the attributes of Careship becomes every day for everyone.

Finally, we help you to promote your Careship credentials to the wider world and get the recognition you deserve. Social care is the most important and rapidly growing sector in the country, so let’s work together to transform the quality of care experienced by every single service user. 

Ready to start? 

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