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Association Of Care Managers Logo     Association of Care Managers

The Association of Care Managers (ACM) is the first and only professional association created to support and inform managers. Its strength is that it is guided by care managers for managers and headed by a well-known champion of managers, John Burton.

“Great! After years of struggling to raise the status, improve the leadership skills, and recognise the professional role of Registered Managers, this programme is a breakthrough. We must all now grasp this opportunity with both hands and make it work to improve social care.” John Burton, Head of the Association of Care Managers


Care Provider Alliance Logo     Care Providers' Alliance

The Care Providers Alliance was happy to be involved with the National Skills Academy on developing the Registered Managers' Pack.  The pack will be a helpful tool for our members who span the range of provision of Social Care.


Care Quality Commission Logo     Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England.Our job is to make sure that care provided by hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes and services in people’s own homes (and elsewhere) meets national standards of quality and safety.

“This is a welcome development. We recognise that good, strong leadership and management plays a critical role in the safe and effective running of care homes . The programme is an excellent way of helping Registered Managers to share good practice and expertise, and to keep standards high; this can only benefit the people who use their services.” Amanda Sherlock, Director of Operations, CQC


Centre For Workforce Intelligence Logo     Centre for Workforce Intelligence

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) is the national authority on workforce planning and development, providing advice and information across the social care, public health and healthcare sectors. We produce quality intelligence to inform better workforce planning, in order to improve people's lives.

“The Centre for Workforce Intelligence sees the Registered Managers’ Programme playing a crucial role in developing sustainable social care careers and securing the future supply of the care and support workforce. The CfWI is working with the Skills Academy to better plan and develop the Registered Manager workforce to meet the needs of the sector, both today and in the future.” Rhidian Hughes, Head of Social Care, CfWI


Cpea Logo     CPEA

CPEA Ltd is a flourishing business network which assists bring about effective change in registered adult social care services – systematically supporting you to achieve improvement. We have over 12 years practical experience of adding value for our customers


Department Of Health Logo     Department of Health

The Department of Health provides strategic leadership for public health, the NHS and social care in England.The Department of Health's purpose is to improve England's health and well-being and in doing so achieve better health, better care, and better value for all.

“The Department of Health welcomes the launch of the national programme to support registered managers. Registered Managers are a key part of the workforce as the Caring for our future White Paper recognised and have a vital role to play in raising standards and the quality of services. The programme being launched on 20th March will help provide the practical support and help that Registered Managers themselves say they need and we feel it will make a significant difference to this crucial part of the workforce.” Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support


English Community Care Association Logo     English Community Care Association

The English Community Care Association (ECCA) is the largest representative body for community care in England. Working on behalf of small, medium and large providers, it speaks with a single unified voice on behalf of its members and the sector. It seeks to create an environment in which providers can continue to deliver and develop the high quality care that communities require and deserve.

“Registered Managers are responsible for the leadership and management of care services and it is vital that they receive proper training and support. I am delighted that the National Skills Academy for Social Care Is launching this initiative that will enable Registered Managers to have the leadership support which will help them to deliver quality care.” Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive, ECCA


Learn To Care Logo     Learn to Care

Learn to Care represents heads of social care learning and workforce development in all councils in England. Members are situated in a range of organisational structures while retaining responsibility for the social care workforce. The committeerepresents the nine regions of England and members, along with other colleagues, are responsible for commissioning and/or delivering learning and development activity for the adult and children’s social care workforce across local authorities and other partner organisations.


Minster Care Group Logo     Minster Care

At Minster Care our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for our residents and our dedicated staff support and encourage service users to be as independent as possible.


My Home Life Logo     My Home Life

My Home Life began as a project initiated in 2006 by the National Care Forum and Help the Aged. It has become a high profile social movement to promote quality of life in care homes.


National Care Association Logo     National Care Association

National Care Association was formed in 1981. Its primary aim is to lobby the Government to benefit both its members and the people in their care. The other aims are representing members and their service users nationally, to promote high standards of care, and to support local associations and members.

“The role of the Registered Manager in a Care Setting is essential in providing the leadership that all communities providing social care need. Service Users’ needs are becoming more and more complex and as the service changes the support that this programme led by the National Skills Academy for Social Care will give to Registered Managers will be invaluable as their Leadership and Management Skills are developed.” Sheila Scott OBE, Chief Executive, National Care Association


National Care Forum Logo     National Care Forum

The National Care Forum represents not-for-profit care providers. Our membership reflects the wide diversity of the sector and includes home care, housing with care, day care, intermediate care, outreach services, residential and nursing care, and specialist provision for adults and older people.

“The National Care Forum (NCF) fully supports the launch of a national programme for Registered Managers led by the National Skills Academy for Social Care. We have long known the vital role of Registered Managers in the provision of high quality, and continuously improving, care and support services. Successful and effective frontline managers have to be able to bring together a wide range of knowledge and skills to ensure that people receiving services are exercising maximum choice and control. The task will become ever more challenging as managers lead the transition to greater personalisation in care services. Congratulations to the Skills Academy for showing the necessary leadership to build a strong sector coalition, together with Ministerial support, that will help to ensure that Registered Managers are appropriately developed to meet the future challenges of care and support as well as developing a pipeline of talent in the sector.” Des Kelly OBE, Executive Director, NCF


National Homecare Council Logo     National Homecare Council

The National Homecare Council is a body that brings together British public and independent sector organisations that commission or directly provide support for people living at home.


Nhs Leadership Academy Logo     NHS Leadership Academy

At the NHS Leadership Academy we're passionate about developing outstanding leadership in health, so that people's health and their experiences of the NHS are improved. We can only achieve this with our partners and we're delighted to be working alongside Registered Managers.


Registered Care Providers Association Logo     Registered Care Providers' Association

The Registered Care Providers' Association is membership based and represents the majority of care providers in the county of Somerset.Our membership comprises, domiciliary care and residential care for Learning Disabilities aged 18 to 65 and elderly residential and nursing service users.

“The Registered Care Providers' Association in Somerset has worked for many years to support the recognition and accreditation of Care Managers; to develop best practice in their core task of delivering good quality care; and to enhance their skills in key areas such as people management, leadership, business and communication skills. We are delighted to support the Skills Academy’s central leadership role in turning vision into practice for the care sector as a whole so that Managers receive the recognition they need and deserve.” Roger Wharton, Executive Officer, RCPA


Shared Lives Plus Logo     Shared Lives Plus

Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults. Our members are Shared Lives carers and workers, Homeshare programmes and micro-enterprises.


Skills For Care Logo     Skills for Care

Skills for Care’s role is to ensure that the adult social care workforce has the appropriately skilled people in the right place working to deliver high quality social care.  To achieve this, we focus on the attitudes, values, skills and qualifications people need to undertake their roles.

“Our fit for purpose Managers' Induction Standards and Registered Managers qualifications demonstrate the value that Skills for Care places on the vital role that Registered Managers play day in, day out in adult social care. Skills for Care is happy to be involved with other partners in increasing the support available to Registered Managers.” Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care


Social Care Institute For Excellence Logo     Social Care Institute for Excellence

SCIE improves the lives of people who use social care and health services by sharing knowledge about what works. We gather  knowledge and translate that into practical resources, learning materials and services.  Our work helps to develop the knowledge and skills of those working in care services, including managers.

“What’s really important is that people receive good quality social care. Leadership and management are essential to this and so we’ve been very pleased to sit on the National Skills Academy for Social Care’s Steering Group, which shapes the programme. Registered Managers play a key role in a number of settings and this programme is aimed at raising status, professionalism and practice. This builds on our joint work with the Skills Academy and the leadership programmes we have jointly piloted.” Stephen Goulder, Workforce Director, the Social Care Institute for Excellence


Staffordshire County Council Logo     Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire County Council provides services for a population of 831,300 people. Our services are driven by our core values which are a customer and citizen focus, to be bold and to show leadership, and provide efficiency and economy through innovation.

“Staffordshire County Council is committed to supporting Registered Managers. As part of that commitment, we see the programme to support Registered Managers as a unique initiative that will enable managers to build on existing leadership skills, receive peer support via the development of local networks and engage at a local and national level. We envisage that managers involved in the programme will find that confidence in their leadership will be improved, and this will ultimately support improvement in the quality of services. We will continue to work with the Skills Academy and other organisations across the sector to promote this innovative programme, which will better equip managers to meet the day-to-day challenges they face, and in so doing improve the quality of care across Staffordshire.” Penny Lawlor, Service Development Advisor, Strategic Commissioning, and Liz Staples, Cabinet Members for Adult Social Care, Staffordshire County Council


Think Local Act Personal Logo     Think Local Act Personal

Think Local, Act Personal is a national, cross sector leadership partnership focused on driving forward work with personalisation, community-based social care. Our unique strength is bringing together people who use services and family carers with central and local government, major providers from the private, third and voluntary sector and other key groups.


United Kingdom Home Care Association Logo     United Kingdom Homecare Association

United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) is the professional association of home care providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors. UKHCA promotes high standards of care and offers members a range of benefits and services as well as representation with national and regional policy-makers and regulators.

“The United Kingdom Homecare Association, the professional association for homecare providers in the UK, welcomes the launch of the national programme to support Registered Managers. Registered Managers are a key professional in homecare agencies and have a crucial role in providing leadership. The programme will help strengthen the status of Registered Managers and provide them with the vital support they need to drive up the quality of care and support to people using services.” Francis McGlone, Senior Policy Officer, UKHCA


Vales In Action Logo     Values in Action

At ViA we are passionate about working with leaders and managers within the care industry to help them be the best that they can be. We do this by keeping things simple, clear and most of all grounded in reality.

Voluntary Organisation Disability Group     Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) is a national grouping of voluntary sector social care providers. VODG members support people of working age with a wide range of physical, sensory and cognitive impairments. Our vision is of a world where everyone with a disability has full choice and control.

“The Registered Manager’s role is critical in determining successful service delivery and positive outcomes for service users. Yet often Registered Managers find themselves isolated and undervalued. The National Skills Academy’s programme for Registered Managers is a major step forward in providing support for this pivotal role, building practice and leadership confidence through bringing Registered Managers together, providing easily accessible on-line advice and fostering local networks of support. VODG welcomes the introduction of this programme which will make a substantial contribution to the continuous improvement in the quality of social care delivery.” John Adams OBE, General Secretary, VODG


Walsingham Logo     Walsingham

Walsingham is a registered charity supporting people with different needs throughout England and Wales. Valuing each person as an individual, we support people to develop skills, live more independently, participate in their local community and have control over their lives.

“The National Skills Academy’s national programme to support Registered Managers is a long overdue initiative that will support managers in their very diverse and important role. As a provider of services for people with learning disabilities and other social care needs throughout England and Wales, Walsingham supports this programme and embraces the Leadership Qualities Framework that will equip managers with a set of values by which behaviour, expectations and success can be measured. At Walsingham, we want our managers to form networks and relationships with peers from other organisations so that good practice and experiences can be shared. We believe that managers who are fully supported, dynamic and developed to their maximum potential are crucial to ensuring that their teams provide inspirational support. As such, Walsingham considers the national programme to be fundamentally important to our desire to achieve excellence in all of our support services.” Philip Nightingale, Walsingham


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