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The Government's Vision for Social Care 'A vision for Adult Social Care – Capable Communities and Active Citizens', published in November 2010, gave the National Skills Academy for Social Care responsibility for producing a Leadership Strategy for the sector.

Following on from the Skills Academy’s work on leadership since its launch in 2009, and the publication of its report on 'Outstanding Leadership in Social Care' the Skills Academy undertook a public consultation from February to April 2012.

The engagement exercise was part of the development of the strategy to help ensure that it is something that the whole of adult social care can contribute to, participate in and benefit from. 

Following publication of the white paper, 'Caring for Our Future' in July 2012, we conducted further consultation to ensure that the strategy reflected the sector's response to the white paper. 

The final strategy document. 'Leadership Starts with Me', was published in March 2013.

If leadership started with.... is a set of six new case studies illustrating what social care leaders, including carers, think leadership is all about, where they see leadership as being important, and how they've applied it in particular situations.

Strategic Leaders 1

Leadership Qualities Framework

The Skills Academy was commissioned by the Department of Health to produce the first Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF). It has been developed to be suitable and relevant for all staff within the adult social care workforce. 

It was published following the release of the adult social care white paper in summer 2012. The LQF has been developed to support the transformation of adult social care through improved leadership. 

Leadership is about behaviour, and the behaviours described within the LQF represent the core leadership skills required by people at all levels, with all people who use services and within all organisations across the sector.

The LQF is closely aligned to the Leadership Framework developed by the NHS, which includes five core Domains within which is a series of Contextual Indicators showing how leadership behaviours can be observed in practice within the diversity of the social care workforce. 

The LQF has been arranged to reflect this through four notional levels of leadership; 

  • Front Line Worker
  • Front Line Leadership 
  • Operational Leadership 
  • Strategic Leadership. 

The LQF can be used to help design leadership programmes, for staff development and review, and to inform individual, team and organisational development.

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