Leadership Starts with Me

Leadership Starts with Me is the first national strategy for leadership in the adult social care sector.

Developed on behalf of the Department of Health by the National Skills Academy for Social Care, Leadership Starts with Me sets out the fundamental principles of leadership in the sector, showing how everyone can play their part in developing leadership in social care.

It sits alongside the Skills Academy’s Leadership Qualities Framework, which sets out what this means in practice for people working at all levels in the sector.

Leadership Starts with Me has been launched by Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support.

Describing Leadership Starts with Me as an excellent publication, the Minister said:

“Today’s launch of Leadership Starts with Me is another really important step towards achieving the goal of excellent leadership. If we can get the leadership right, we can make an enormous difference to the care and support that people receive. This includes leadership on the ground, in practice – Leadership Starts with Me is a practical approach to leadership, written in plain English. 

It’s good to see a publication that’s so accessible and jargon-free. And I’m glad to see that the Skills Academy has kept up the momentum on leadership issues, following on from the launch of the Leadership Qualities Framework, which I was pleased to launch at the end of last year.”

Norman Lamb also praised the Academy for its new national programme to support Registered Managers in their pivotal leadership role.

Leadership is for you. Download your copy of Leadership Starts with Me here.

The strategy is grounded in the experience of people who use services, carers and employers. It is a practical tool, written in plain English so that it is accessible to everyone. It’s for individuals. It’s for organisations. It’s for you.
It aims to do three things:

  • To explain why leadership in adult social care matters
  • To set out what leaders can do that will help make social care excellent
  • To show how it can be made to happen.

We know publication of this document is the beginning of a process, not an end. This version has been created through a process of engagement with people who use services, carers, families and employers large and small.

This is a continuing conversation. Everyone in the sector should and will have an opportunity to contribute their ideas. As Jo Cleary, Chair of the Board at the Skills Academy says, we want this strategy to “improve people’s lives on a daily basis. Leadership really does start with us all.”


To request a hard copy. 

Please contact Membership, Networks and Forums Manager Terri Myers.

Support for Leadership Starts with Me

Read a report of the Leadership Starts with Me launch event by Debra Mehta

"I was delighted to attend the launch of Leadership Starts with Me, the new national strategy for leadership in adult social care.
The role of local authorities, whether as providers or commissioners, is more vital and demanding than ever. Local authorities are finding ways to reshape and enhance services in the face of financial constraint. They are connecting with service users and carers to make personalisation real for people. And they are working with providers and communities to innovate, so that we look on communities as a source of assets rather than a set of needs.
To make this happen, they need strong leadership at all levels of the social care workforce, and within their own commissioning teams. Leadership Starts with Me shows why leadership is important, what it means and how it can be built.
As part of my new role as Vice-President of ADASS, I look forward to working with the National Skills Academy for Social Care to promote Leadership Starts with Me within local authorities."
Linda Sanders
Corporate Director, Social Care and Health at LB Hillingdon and Vice-President, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

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