The Leadership Qualities Framework

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Minister launches our Leadership Qualities Framework.

Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support, launching the national Leadership Qualities Framework for Adult Social Care at the National Children’s and Adults’ Services Conference says; 

“Great Leadership requires the right skills and values. The new leadership qualities framework announced today is a fantastic step in the right direction.This is about leadership at all levels and care workers leading from the front line.
It provides clear guidelines enabling organisations to introduce training to help their leaders deliver higher quality and better care.
I am also delighted that this work will support development of leaders in both social care and the NHS to help the drive towards better integration of services.”
- Norman Lamb MP

The LQF is necessary because many people working in, or involved with, social care, know in theory (or from their own experience) that good leadership is fundamental to good quality, but find it difficult in practice to articulate what it means, either for themselves or their organisation.

The LQF is a one-stop shop for developing yourself, strengthening and differentiating your organisation and providing better services.

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The LQF: 

  • is grounded in everyday practice and behaviours and underpinned by personalisation and co-production
  • describes, in a clear and accessible way, what good leadership looks like in different settings and situations
  • illustrates the attitudes and behaviours needed for high quality leadership at every level of the sector
  • is for everyone in social care - private or not-for-profit sector service providers, large and small organisations, residential and home care providers, local authorities, personal employers and anyone working in the sector, at any level
  • goes beyond social care, mirroring the NHS Leadership Framework so that it can be applied in integrated services.

“We know that good social care can transform people’s lives. High quality leadership is fundamental to the delivery of good care.
The Leadership Qualities Framework can be an essential tool for small, medium and large employers to use to strengthen their leadership capacity.
They can see at a glance what good leadership looks like for people at different levels in their organisations.
They have a benchmark against which to measure themselves. And they can use the Framework to show their staff not just what they should be doing, but how they should be doing it.”
- Debbie Sorkin, Chief Executive of the Skills Academy


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